Insights into Paradise

  • Yoda Ela: An Ancient Engineering Marvel

    Yoda Ela: An Ancient Engineering Marvel

    Ancient Sri Lankans are celebrated for their indigenous knowledge in irrigation. Irrigation systems of ancient Sri Lanka consist of a large number of village tanks, gigantic reservoirs and an intrinsic network of water cannals connecting these tanks while supplying water to farming land. Despite... Read More »

  • Sigiriya – A Heavenly palace on Earth

    Sigiriya – A Heavenly palace on Earth

    Believed to have been built in reminiscence of Alakamandawa, the legendary palace of Kuvera, the treasurer of the gods and a mythical king of Lanka, Sigiriya is a palace and a pleasure garden built atop a 200 meter rock in the Fifth century AC by King Kashyapa. Having seized power after killing... Read More »

  • Bundala National Park

    Bundala National Park

    The Bundala National Park is one of the famous attractions in Sri Lanka for watching migratory birds. It is renowned for its aquatic bird-life, which feeds on the rich harvests provided by the numerous lagoons throughout the park. The Bundala National Park has been identified as an outstanding... Read More »

  • Whale & Dolphin watching in Sri Lanka

    Whale & Dolphin watching in Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka is fast becoming a major spot for watching Whales and Dolphins. Dondra Point Located down South, Dondra Point is the main port of Whale Watching in the country, especially during the season from months of December to April. Out of these months December, January and April are... Read More »

  • Adam’s Peak

    Adam’s Peak

    Adam’s Peak is one of the most recognizable places in Sri Lanka, yet many people are not aware of the island’s famous mountain until they visit it for themselves. The mountain is held in sacrosanct by followers of four religions: Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims. However,... Read More »

  • The Star Tracing Stupas Of Sri Lanka

    The Star Tracing Stupas Of Sri Lanka

    Many megalithic structures had been built across the globe in ancient times emulating the position of star constellations. Despite being built by various nations at different periods of time there are certain similarities between them in structure and purpose, which have baffled modern... Read More »

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