About Us

Everlasting Radio is a part of the MJF Media network. The MJF Group, established by Founder Merrill J. Fernando around his vision for tea and integrity, is managed around the philosophy of making business a matter of human service. The MJF Media network with its eclectic mix of music and inspiration, is an element in the fulfillment of the Group’s founding commitment to human service. Everlasting Radio and our sister channels have the objective of entertaining whilst inspiring hope through empowerment and education.

Everlasting Radio is the first of the proposed channels by MJF Media. The format in each case will be entertainment combined with messages of inspiration, hope, and education in the areas of the environment, nutrition, science and technology, cuisine. The ‘inspiration’ that Everlasting Radio offers is aimed at empowering listeners through knowledge, whilst fostering peace for all through social harmony. Everlasting Radio remains non political and its editorial policies will be free of bias or discrimination in any form.

Linked to the Six Pillars of Dilmah, Everlasting Radio and its associate channels will seek to educate listeners by sharing stories of entrepreneurship and excellence through interviews with successful personalities, offer knowledge on culinary matters, guidelines relating to human nutrition, hygiene and discussion on sustainability issues. Everlasting will present science and technology updates and share success stories in the areas of human developments, the environment, poverty alleviation amongst others. All this will be presented in an unique format that blends music and entertainment with information. Our commitment is to offer listeners of Everlasting Radio “Music & Inspiration”.

Our music is an eclectic selection from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s with Jazz, Rock, Country, Classical, Blues and Soul.

More than entertainment, inspirational. Everlasting Radio.

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