The Star Tracing Stupas Of Sri Lanka

The Star Tracing Stupas Of Sri Lanka

Many megalithic structures had been built across the globe in ancient times emulating the position of star constellations. Despite being built by various nations at different periods of time there are certain similarities between them in structure and purpose, which have baffled modern archaeologists for centuries.

The construction of these monuments had involved very big and very heavy blocks of stones, which would have required extreme skill and energy to produce and transport. The seamless and smooth finish of these stone made constructions would have required precision and skill beyond mere human capability.

Many wonder as to why heavy blocks were used if not for a specific reason. There are certain walls which consist of very heavy interlocking stone blocks of various sizes, seamlessly pieced together like a puzzle, without the use of composite building material.

For centuries Sri Lankans too believed the ancient great Stupas to be mere objects of worship enshrining the remains of Lord Buddha and the arhants or the enlightened ones.

The three great stupas of Anuradhapura; Mirisavatiya, Ruvanweliya and Jetavanaya perfectly aligns with three stars in the constellation of Orion, namely Rigel, Al Nitak and Bellatrix. The three sides of the triangle on the ground layout of the stupas, built between 161 B.C. and A.D. 331, correlates precisely with the three sides of the three stars of Orion creating heaven-earth duplication.

These earth and celestial duplications and their advanced building techniques had intrigued researchers and archaeologists for generations and present investigators are nowhere near to deciphering the secrets behind these mega structures.

Yet recent discoveries in Sri Lanka have revealed that Ruwanweliseya, known as the Mahastupa of Anuradhapura could have been a giant energy storing device, which also could have exchanged energies with the skies above.

According to a multi-disciplinary investigation conducted by Architect Shereen Amendra, the structure of the Ruwanweliseya, its position and the material used for the construction were instrumental in creating a giant size capacitor which exchanged electric charges with the heavens above.

According to the Mahavamsa, the great chronicles of Sri Lanka the choice of ground for the construction of Mahastupa had been done by Lord Buddha himself while the structural plan for the stupa had been done by the Arhants or the enlightened ones of the Mahavihara. The stupa, which enshrines a large amount of relics of Lord Buddha, had been constructed using precious metals like silver and gold and precious stones, known to be excellent electricity conductors.

In her book ‘Beyond the seeing eye: the Mahasthupa of Lanka, Ms. Amendra questions whether the mahasthupa was used to transform thoughts to electric power and exchange it with the celestials above.

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