Hotelier trapped in Austrian lift for four days

Man Trapped In Lift 1

A hotel owner was left trapped in a tiny elevator without food, water and warmth for four days at his deserted Austrian ski resort.

Thomas Fleetwood, 58, became stuck in the one-man lift as he performed a final check of Hotel Eden, in Bad Gastein, before he shut the venue down for the summer.

The Swedish-born businessman told reporters it was only thanks to previous military training that he survived the harrowing ordeal.

He added that he’d “foolishly” left his cell phone in his office as he made his way back down to the ground floor.

“The lift has never broken down before, I just hadn’t expected anything to happen,” said Fleetwood.

Man Trapped In Lift 2

“I broke a small glass panel at the front door of the lift and that gave me some fresh air, and tried to take off the roof of the lift to climb out, but that didn’t help either.”

Fleetwood said he was only rescued when a friend, worried that mail was piling up outside the hotel, used a spare key to come in and check on him.

Realizing what had happened, he called firefighters who came and freed him.

Man Trapped In Lift 3

“It was foolish to have gone in the lift in an empty hotel without a telephone, but I’m proud of myself that I didn’t panic and used my military training to get through,’ Fleetwood added.


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