Tiny Scottish Island Experiences First Crime in 50 Years: Six Wooly Hats Stolen

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The burglary happened at one of the island’s 20 buildings

A recently-opened cosmetics store on the tiny Scottish island of Canna was robbed last Friday night, with thieves breaking in and stealing cash, several beauty products and six wooly hats.

The theft is the first instance of crime on the island in over half a century; the last theft in the 1960s was of a wooden plate, Scottish broadcaster STV News reported.

“The thieves cleared the shelves of sweets, chocolate bars, coffee, biscuits, batteries and more,” said a spokeswoman for the Canna Community Trust, which runs the store. “Most upsetting for [manager] Julie was they stole six of her hand-knitted Canna wool hats which were in the shop on a sale or return basis.”

The spokeswoman added that they might have to employ drastic new security measures to prevent further thefts on the island, which has a population of less than 30.

“Sadly, this means we will have to lock the door of the shop overnight now,” she said. “We left it open specifically to welcome fisherman in to use the Wi-Fi and buy anything they needed while resting in at our pier overnight.”

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